Mold thefutureworld

with PlastInc!


Sustainable, fair and worth living – that’s how we imagine the future at Players Beyond. How about you?


Register now for the release of our upcoming game-app PlastInc and be one of the first to enjoy it and help to save the world! But how can a mobile game help to fight plastic pollution? It’s simple, we are going to donate 10% of our profits – forever – to projects that are at the forefront of solving the problem.


Here’s what you get by registering:

  • Exclusive access to our upcoming game-app PlastInc (iOS)
  • Original content and news about plastic and sustainability
  • Deep insight into the development process of the game
  • A virtual high-five! ✋🏼


The early access is limited to 50 players only so be quick and register now!

Early access keys left:12

Things We Are Currently Working On

  • Complete re-design of our game (see screenshots below)
  • Fixing game balance issues (productions, sales, upgrades)
  • Fixing iPhone X, XS, XS Max screen bug