Plastic-free movement: Game app “PlastInc.” introduced

Victor Salamanca Koch and Fabio Hüther

Four friends from Augsburg, Germany had one wish: change the world for better. So what is their plan? „Our vision is a world where we use technology for a sustainable future instead of destroying the environment“, Victor Salamanca Cabrera Koch, founder of the start-up PlayersBeyond says.

What he means is: Everyone’s a player – people enjoy playing games, nowadays especially online and on their phones. PlayersBeyond wants to use the power of the masses to contribute to a healthy environment.

Business simulation raises awareness for sustainability

So the four friends – an industrial engineer, a hip-hop choreographer, a robotics student and a designer – expanded the group with more creative minds and developed the free game app PlastInc. It’s a business simulation where you work as a producer of plastic bags to build your empire. You have to face challenges – depending on how you decide, you can make quick money and destroy the environment or you add value and save the world.

The start-up is financed via in-app-advertisements. 10 percent of the revenue created through these ads will be donated to NGOs supporting sustainable projects. So think before you skip! The users decide which project will be sponsored.

Plastic: Organization and support of clean-up actions

The first organization we work together with is Umuntu. Umuntu is a socio-ecological start-up from Switzerland that has developed an innovative and sustainable water filter which is able to filtrate water from microplastics, nitrate, fertilizers and more than 500 other harmful substances. Their vision is to make an easy access to clean water possible for every human on earth. This is why PlayersBeyond has started a cooperation with Umuntu. We are planning to organize and support clean-up actions worldwide.

PlayersBeyond introduced the app PlastInc. on April, 22nd, the international Earth Day. It will soon be released on iOs. After that, the advanced version will be available for Android as well. Through our little launch event we collected 250 Euro for the Umuntu movement which will be donated to one of their international eco projects. So be part of the plastic-free movement and mold the future with PlastInc. Stay tuned!



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